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Measures we administer include:



Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Fifth Edition (WISC-V)

Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children, Second Edition (KABC-2)

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV)

Test of Nonverbal Intelligence, Fourth Edition (TONI-4)

Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales, Second Edition (RIAS-2)


Executive Functioning

Developmental NEuroPSYchological Assessment, Second Edition (NEPSY-II)



Wechsler Memory Scale, Fourth Edition (WMS-IV)

Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning, Second Edition (WRAML-2)


Academic Achievement

Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement, Third Edition (KTEA-3)

Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests, Third Edition (WRMT-III)

Wechsler Individual Achievement Test, Fourth Edition (WIAT-4)

Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing, Second Edition (CTOPP-2)

Gray Oral Reading Tests, Fifth Edition (GORT-5)



Adaptive Behavior Assessment System, Third Edition (ABAS-3)



 Behavior Assessment System for Children, Third Edition (BASC-3)

 Connors Rating Scale, Third Edition (Connors-3)

 Scale for Assessing Emotional Disturbance, Third Edition (SAED-3)

 Beck Depression Inventory, Second Edition (BDI-2)




 Gilliam Autism Rating Scale, Third Edition (GARS-3)

 Childhood Autism Rating Scale, Second Edition (CARS-2)

Autism Diagnostic Observation System, Second Edition (ADOS-2)


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