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Delaware Valley Assessment and Learning, LLC  is supervised by

Dr. Dwight A. Hood. 

 Dr. Hood is a Pennsylvania, New Jersey,  and Nationally Certified School Psychologist with over  25 years experience working in a variety of urban and suburban settings. His skills include assessment and designation of students in grades K through 12 presenting a variety of educationally handicapping conditions, such as learning disability, emotional disturbance, and attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder. 

Dr. Hood is adjunct faculty in the School and Mental Health Counseling Program at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Dr. Hood serves as the Chair of Urban Affairs for the Association of School Psychologists of Pennsylvania (ASPP). 


Dr. Hood's interests  include intellectual, academic, and social/emotional assessment of culturally and linguistically diverse students , individual and group counseling, behavior modification planning and implementation, and consultation with parents and school staff. 


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